600W Infrared Heating Panel 100x60cms with WiFi Thermostat

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600W Electric Panel Heater

  • Designed for Recessed Ceiling,600 Watts,1005x595x22MM Size,Front Surface Temp 90-130,Energy Transfer Ratio 98% Huge Saving on Energy and Maintainance Cost (Upto 70% Less Costly Than Traditional Heating Systems),Noise Free.
  • Heating Panel Electric produces heat that is similar to the heat produced by the sun. The infrared rays emitted are easily absorbed by the items in your home,which gently increases the temperature of their surroundings. As cool surfaces heat up,infrared heaters raise the ambient temperature of the room. Besides warming up your home,infrared heaters provide many other benefits.
  • Infrared Heaters Heat Production is Similar to the Heat Produced by Sun,Safe for Children,Provide Instant Heat at Lower Cost,Best for Old Age and Patients as it doesn't Produce Dry Heat,CO2 Free,Help Reduce Mould.
  • Panels Can be Mounted on Wall or Ceiling else Kept Free Standing,Which makes it Idea for Small Rooms,Office,Kitchen and Can Really Maximize the Living Space
  • Best Electric Panel Heaters Wall Mounted.